Its Valentine’s Day, so let’s settle it.
Is it the thought that counts or the gift itself?
Here are 5 types of gift-givers on valentine’s day.

  • The cheapskates: our boxers and singlet givers. Look Funke this needs to stop this year. You did it in 2022 we took but this year lie lie. If gift-giving is not your strong suit ask google for ideas. (Use a meme of someone giving a disgusted look)
  • The sentimental gift-givers: our touch your heart gang. Even when they don’t tell you, you know they put a lot of thought into the gift, because it’s most likely something of value you’ve talked about owning or getting. (a meme of someone crying)
  • The excuse gift-givers: if you’re looking forward to a valentine’s day gift from this lot Oyo is your case. They never make any plans to get you a gift and the excuse is the same each year “baby you know I don’t have cash at hand, things were so tight this year I couldn’t get you anything” Pele oo Mr and Mrs tight, we hope and pray for things to open up next year.
  • The ‘go big or go home’ gift-givers: these uncles and aunties have a knack for going all out just to hear you say wow. Odds are this gift has been in the works since the last Valentine’s Day, meticulous planning went into ensuring everything is perfect. They must render you speechless and if you can still speak after seeing this gift then they have not done their job. Not all of us hoping to be at the receiving end of this gift-givers.
  • The under-duress gift-givers: to be frank they are only giving you gifts because they want peace of mind. Last Valentine’s Day, they witnessed you throwing a catastrophic fit because they didn’t think Valentine’s Day was a big deal. This year they won’t make the same mistake. Once beaten, twice shy.

So, which one are you or which one is your better half? Don’t worry we won’t tell Happy Valentine’s Day.