The story goes how a rich grandfather asked his grand-daughter to choose which one she wanted; a house or a wedding of her dreams? She chose a wedding that was so stylish that  the poor groom couldn’t keep up with her lavish lifestyle. The marriage packed up a couple of years later.

Does this story sound too far off? As true as it was, many people make a remix of this same mistake on a daily basis.

We often think to ourselves that we can eat our cake and have it, maybe she actually thought dear grandpa will be affectionate once more and bequeath to them the house of their dreams.


Owning a home is by far one of the most important and most significant achievements one would ever be able to boast of in life. It is synonymous to many things such as settled, accomplished, prepared, ‘retirement ready’ and on and on. Yet a lot of people are so not ready in this all too important aspect of their life.  Some leave it to chance, others to a false hope of the better bye and bye.

Buying a house has never been an easy task, don’t we all wish we could take money from our wallets, go to the grocery store and get us a house? Well that might just be a toy house for the little toddler.

However, that is not the case. Buying or owning a house requires adequate planning, one of which is ‘where you should leave’ you can read up on the article I did on that. Many other factors, a lot of which we already know about are instructive to us reaching our goal of owning a house.

What then is stopping a lot of people from owning their home?

I would list out a few:

The majority of home ownership obstacles stem from one source: money. Cash is king and this is never truer than in real estate.  Saving money each month toward a specific goal becomes much more doable when you have systems in place.


In the past, getting married and having children were the life steps that often led to home ownership. Now, we’re getting married and starting families later in life (or not at all), causing a delay in the need to buy a home. If you are wanting to buy a house, don’t let your marital or family status stand in your way. You can save for a down payment now to speed up the process.

Another mistake people make is to think they are still young to own a home, the illusion that this achievement is only for those that are of a certain age, possibly in their late forties or fifties is just that: an illusion; for there is nothing at all that says one can’t get a house at any age.

Other excuses include confusion on whether to continue renting or to buy, possibility of moving to another city or country and trying to find the perfect house.

If you fall into any of these categories, a change in paradigm is the first step out of this dilemma.

What you should know about owning your home:

You are never too young to start. Don’t think it’s a waste of time, Money or resources. It never is.
Think not only of big cities especially if funds are an impediment. You can consider buying land and building at your own pace.
Consult a realtor. At O’sekemi Properties we are committed to providing you with the house of your dreams.

Check out the following reasons why you should own your home/landed property:

It makes you grow with a community; you become a part of a community/neighborhood, it gives you roots and establishes you in that area

Owning your home means that you are free from tenancy issues and all your landlord problems are over.
When you live in your own house, you can design it to your taste.

Buying your first house is a mega-accomplishment, an important life milestone. Buying a house is a major commitment, but the financial and lifestyle benefits are well worth the cost. Real estate is not the only investment out there, but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding. After all, achieving home ownership is about more than buying a house — it’s about settling into a home.